In 2005 I moved from Kansas City to Portland.  Since then I have achieved a bachelors degree in sociology and a masters in clinical mental health counseling. Additionally I am Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), a current member of Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society (CSI), a current member of American Counseling Associations (ACA), and Oregon Counseling Association (ORCA).

For the past two years I have worked in the Portland State Community counseling clinic working with couples and individuals addressing:


Chronic Pain – Anxiety – Shame - Low self-worth - LGBTQ identity - creative blocks- A sense of loss of identity - loneliness- Complex trauma – Addiction - distressing relationship and behavioral patterns- Body shame-grief and loss - difficult life transitions 


I have always been very active in the creative arts; with a focus on music performance.  As a therapist, I frequently draw from my experience in the arts. I believe that creativity resides within each of us and that profound fulfillment can be achieved as we each delve into our natural creative tendencies

For the last three years I have also worked with Dr. Frederick Grossman, licensed clinical psychologist as a psychological testing technician, administering assessments for clients with chronic pain seeking spinal stimulators.



Counseling can be a powerful tool to address past and current struggles.  It takes a lot of courage to embark on a therapeutic journey and I will passionately honor that in our work together. As a professional counselor I value strong therapeutic relationships, and view authenticity, trust, and a bond between client and therapist as an agent for change. Therapy requires active engagement on my part and yours.  I believe that therapy works best when both the therapist and client are authentic and willing to demonstrate vulnerability.  As my client you deserve a warm, non-judgmental space to work toward your therapeutic goals.  Together we will draw on your innate strengths, talents and resiliency to help you feel empowered as you navigate life’s challenges. It is my belief that while our past experiences influence how we interact with others and our attitudes toward ourselves, we have the power to take ownership over our lives and to connect to an innate drive for health.  As your counselor I will incorporate practical interventions into therapy to help you gain mastery over your experience in this world.  As your counselor I encourage patience in the therapeutic process.  The challenges that bring most people into therapy did not emerge overnight.  I encourage each individual to give time to the healing process.

I am currently an LPC Intern with the State of Oregon.  As I work toward obtaining licensure I am practicing under the supervision of Dr. Rick Johnson, Licensed Counseling Psychologist.  If you have questions or concerns regarding any ethical or professional considerations, feel free to contact me (link to my email), my supervisor (link to Rick's webpage), or the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists at any time.